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Enduro Extreme Issue 14


The latest Enduro Extreme magazine goes on sale tomorrow and as ever it’s a terrific read.





The latest Enduro Extreme magazine goes on sale tomorrow and as ever it’s a terrific read.   Now bi-monthly, we’re talking 100% enduro content to suit the 100% dedicated enduro rider and fan.


In this issue:


EE SUPERTEST on Husqvarna’s TE310: Not just a spin around the farm for half a day, this is weeks of gruelling testing, racing and development by our dedicated team to see if the E2 world champion can also be your local club champion. The EE Supertest is bike testing the way it should be, thorough and detailed, with results and recommendation that you can rely on.


PROJECT 125: Can it be that the best enduro is in fact a motocrosser? We investigate Yamaha’s brilliant wee YZ125 – add lights, add petrol: action! Can it really be that simple?


TALON: Behind the doors of the West Country wheel and sprocket specialist that, just quietly, is taking on the world.


HERE’S JONNY: Jonny Walker is fast becoming a big name in enduro. KTM, Red Bull and Kini are three big brands backing the young Cumbrian. But he’s still a window fitter by day. No interview, this is Jonny revealing himself to us in his own words, his own pictures. With no journalistic filters.


BEC: Wetsuits at the ready – here’s the skinny behind the start of 2012 BEC season.


WEST LIFE: Want to know what it’s like to come into enduro for the first time? EE has linked up with newbie Matt West to rediscover the joy of the new. And yes, if you’re not riding already, this could be you!


DAKAR ON FIVE GRAND: So you think the Dakar experience is an unattainable dream? Well, wake up! With a two-year-old Yamaha WR450F and £5k cash Gavin Hockey has shown the reality is closer, far closer, than you think.


AND MORE: Yeah, much more.


If you’re 100% serious about enduro – like we are – if you live, breathe and sleep enduro, then you need Enduro Extreme.


No compromises, no BS – just buy it!


Or better still, subscribe to it.

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