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Husqvarna TE449

HVA Xtreme Test Award

Who will succeed Antoine MEO?

HVA Xtreme Test Award

Who will succeed to Antoine MEO?

This season again and for the 5th season in a row, the HVA Xtreme Test Award will crown the fastest rider in this special test. From the first race day in Chile until the last one in Brignoles in France during the Finale, an award will be jeopardize for the fastest rider in the special test that test the technique and the strength of all EWC riders, all categories.

A TE449 for the Xtreme Test King…

After the crowning of David KNIGHT in 2010 and Antoine MEO in 2011, who will be the new “King” of this special test so redoubtable for the technique, the physique and the nerves of the riders? As last year, Husqvarna will offer to the winner a TE449…

The candidates will be numerous to the succession of the Provencal.  Cristobal GUERRERO (E) and Juha SALMINEN (SF), the two challengers of Antoine MEO (F) during the last season will want to take their revenge and to grab the TE449.

Ivan CERVANTES (E), Joakim LJUNGGREN (S), Christophe NAMBOTIN (F), Pierre-Alexandre RENET (F) and Rodrig THAIN (F), who finished respectively from the 5th to the 9th places last year, will want also to fight for this quest of the best Xtreme rider.

We’ll not have to forget the two prospects of the World Enduro, Mario ROMAN (E) and Mathias BELLINO (F), the Junior favorites, who have finished 10th and 11th during the previous season and who have won each a race day.

Finally, the 2011 injured, Johnny AUBERT (F) and David KNIGHT (GB), must be also involved to the quest of the 2012 HVA Xtreme Test Award.

But we can’t forget Antoine MEO (F) who will be the big favorite for his own succession.

In addition to those protagonists, some surprises can appear with the hatching of new riders able to make “Big Times” in Xtreme Test. Those riders can add some difficulties in the race to the 2012 HVA Xtreme Test Award…

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